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Squiggle Dog:
1966 W111 230S custom cabriolet. This isn't mine, but wow. I hope they reinforced the body somehow. You can see little circles on the ground from where they spray-painted the hubcaps.

Squiggle Dog:
This is actually a late 1967 or 1968. It's complete and has some hard-to-find late year parts.

Squiggle Dog:
I got excited and was getting ready to make a trip to my home state of Utah for this 230S until I looked closely at the picture and saw how rusted it is. Nope.

Squiggle Dog:
Two 1965 W111 220Ss. The black car looks like it has potential.

Squiggle Dog:
1962 W111 220S. Is this the famous "Emerald Bullet"?


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