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New Member, old problem
« on: May 28, 2021, 08:52:04 PM »
Hello fellow enthusiasts,

My name is jed. I live in the Detroit suburbs and Iíve been a Mercedes enthusiast for many years now. I have some history with W116, W108, W109 but just a picked up my first W111. A 66 250se coupe.

I found it locally through a broker who was selling it on the behalf of an estate from an elderly gentleman who is in failing health. Best I can tell the car hasnít run in about 12 years and I bought it as a non-running vehicle. It appears fairly original and complete. During the first few weeks I did a major tuneup, overhauled entire brake system including two siezed calipers, replacing the shocks, flushing the fuel system and replacing all the ribber fuel lines I got the car running. Itís actually been running very well. Replaced some shift linkage bushings in the steering column for the automatic transmission which made a world of difference as the old ones had literally disintegrated. For my latest problem Iíve hit a brick wall.

Iím currently stumped on my frozen linkage on the transmission pressure modulator. Iíve had the classic hard shifts particularly when slowing down and after reading every possible post I could find on this topic I discovered that the linkage was seized. The 3 position solenoid is working however the linkage arm coming out of the transmission modulator is stuck. Iíve been spraying it with PB blaster for about 10 days with no success. I have tried to manhandle the linkage back-and-forth with some vice grips and it will not budge. I got to the point where I was bending the linkage arm so I backed off and straightened up the arm. I went so far as to partially remove the modulator down in the tunnel with the hopes that I could see the internals but I canít get to them with the brown/black plastic intermediate plate in the way. I am stumped! Iím not sure what to do next. I have tried tapping on the arm with a light punch and mallet and again instead of the arm moving i found myself bending the arm. Short of removing the transmission so that I could properly access the passenger side of the transmission (even then i am not sure what i will do) are there any other options? I have read many posts about these linkage arms freezing up but only a couple posts about how to free it up with a lot of elbow grease and lube which has not worked for me. Surprisingly thereís very little corrosion on the exterior of the transmission so Iím wondering if perhaps thereís not something internally wrong thatís locked the linkage? I have the vehicle service manual but it really is quite limited on any transmission internals so i donít really know what i would be dealing with internally.

Anyway sorry for the crazy long post and thanks in advance for any ideas on freeing up this pressure modulator linkage!! Ive attached a pic of the car on its way to its new home.


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Re: New Member, old problem
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2021, 09:34:21 PM »
Welcome to the forum and it sounds like you have an awesome car, even with the transmission issue.

Do you have the full transmission manual? The tear-down and rebuild is a separate book from the rest of "Starting 1959..." service manual.