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A W112 300SE Coupe And A Nice W111 220 In The Wrecking Yard


Squiggle Dog:
I was at a wrecking yard a couple hours away from my house in Arizona and saw some fintails. This is the same yard where I scored the sunroof top. They've got a 1965 W112 300SE Coupe. Someone didn't know what they had.

Huge M189 fuel injected 6 cylinder engine with air compressor for the air suspension.

It appears someone already got the air bagged disc brake rear axle.

Sunroof mechanism is all there and doesn't seem rusted.

Rough interior, but still some scarce parts.

Squiggle Dog:
A once-restored 1961 W111 220 like mine languishing in a wrecking yard in Arizona, USA a couple hours away from me. It should be back on the road, as it doesn't seem rusty.

The outside of the car is in amazing condition. The paint would probably even shine up.

It had a really nice interior until someone destroyed the dashboard pad trying to remove it and broke out the windows.

Beautiful air conditioning unit.

I'd love to put the seats and door panels in my 220, but don't have the cash. I also wish someone would save the whole car, but don't know if they'd sell the whole thing.

Squiggle Dog:
A W110 chassis which is clearly not an Arizona native.


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