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Ambulance At Pick-N-Pull


Squiggle Dog:
So sad... I can't believe it. I followed this ambulance for a while and somehow it ended up at Pick-N-Pull in Canada. I could use a few parts off of it.

I guess the owner gave up on it. Such a shame because it could have been pieced back together with a non-rusty sedan and a good metal worker.

This is how it looked when it was in service:

the fold up back seat is interesting as is that wall to separate the driver from the patient. -cth

Squiggle Dog:
It's been reported that the vehicle has been crushed. What a shame. Only a year or two ago someone felt it was worth $6,500. Now it's been totally wasted. I could have really used the wheels since they are only $8.99 each, and the taillight housings as spares. Finding a set of those 15" wheels at a price I can afford again is going to be next to impossible.

Squiggle Dog:
Here's a video about it:


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