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1965 220SEb on BaT

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Nice 220SEb just came up on Bring A Trailer:

Hope it does well.


Looks familiar!
Hope the price goes up a lot in the remaining days after all the work done. I reckon that with a set of wide whitewall tyres on it would look even more impressive. Lovely and good luck.

Me, too!

I bought this car with the intent of re-learning the W111 chassis as best as possible as I haven't had one in nearly 20 years. Once done, I'll take the proceeds and put them towards a nice driver quality W111 coupe, which is my unicorn.

If anyone knows someone who is in the market for a really nice W111, send them the link, please. This car is so solid now it could easily be a very high quality driver for a lot of years, or if someone wanted to head towards a much higher level of condition, a quality repaint in the same color would make it near perfect.


Sorry to see you are selling your fintail, I loved your write-ups. I hope it does well and goes to another enthusiast, it's a beauty!

I have to agree with you, the W111 are beautiful as well.

Squiggle Dog:
I didn't realize you were selling your car. I'm sad to see it go, but it is certainly much better for all your efforts and the new owner should be able to enjoy it with minimal upkeep.


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