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Introductions / Re: Hello from Tucson - 1963
« Last post by Cth350 on January 24, 2021, 07:50:31 PM »
welcome RR. We have been a quiet group lately. But only due to a lack of questions and folks sharing pictures of their rides while we wait for the world getting to a point that looks a bit like normal.  There are lots of armchair mechanics here. We look forward to seeing what you've got.

With warm regards,

Introductions / Re: Hello from Tucson - 1963
« Last post by Squiggle Dog on January 24, 2021, 02:06:41 AM »
Welcome to! I hope you enjoy your 190D. I bought a 200D out of desperation and only planned on being able to putt around town in it because of what I'd heard about how slow they supposedly were. It ended up being a daily commuter and multi-state road trip car that would cruise at 80 MPH for hours on end. It made me fall in love with the W110 chassis diesels. It was a lot of fun to operate. If it hadn't rusted apart, I'd probably still be driving it.
Introductions / Hello from Tucson - 1963
« Last post by ravenranger on January 23, 2021, 04:19:53 PM »
I learned how to drive in my dad's 1963 190 back in the late 70's. My dad ended up giving me that car 30 some years ago when I was young and dumb and not very mechanical. The shifting linkage bushings were bad and the mechanic I took it to ended up, basically, stealing the car from me and I was too naive and poor to get it back. (Long story regarding supposedly unattainable bushings and then, once obtained, very expensive - in hindsight, not. Add to that bogus "storage" fees and the guy kept the car because I suddenly had a bill for way more than I'd been quoted and way more than I could afford. But, I learned a lot from the experience and ended up teaching myself mechanics).

Anyway, I've basically been looking for a 1963 190 for over 30 years because I "lost" my dad's car. Thanks to fb marketplace, a 1963 190D showed up on my feed I own it!  8)

My dad's was blue and gasoline and mine is green and diesel but, otherwise it's a trip down memory lane! Looking forward to tooling around a bit.

Mechanical / Re: Sway Bar Orientation
« Last post by PeterPortugal on January 17, 2021, 03:34:38 AM »
Thanks Squiggle Dog....that blog is quite useful and I am glad it wasn't just me who has had problems,

It is actually easier to put the sway back incorrectly so I think there are probably plenty out there !
Mechanical / Re: Sway Bar Orientation
« Last post by Squiggle Dog on January 16, 2021, 01:41:15 PM »
Good that you found out! Another member here went through a similar experience and figured it out.!.html
Mechanical / Re: Sway Bar Orientation
« Last post by PeterPortugal on January 16, 2021, 06:38:48 AM »
HaHa....I can answer my own question after careful inspection.

Those clever German folks actually stamp "Oben" on it and Google Translate tells me that means "Above"

Mechanical / Sway Bar Orientation
« Last post by PeterPortugal on January 16, 2021, 05:19:26 AM »
Hi everybody,

Hope you're all well. Like many others I have found myself with some time on my hands recently so my car has benefitted !

I removed and rebuilt the front subframe and suspension but have now run into a small issue.

When I went to refit the sway bar I thought there would be an obvious way to fit it but it seems you can fit it in two possible ways. I am not sure which is the right one. I can best describe it as the sway bar ends which locate on the links with the control arms could be located in a high or low position before tightening the link.

Does anybody have any advice for determining the correct orientation?

The car is a 1963 220Seb

Best Regards

Parts / For Sale: W110 Taillight Bulb Holders
« Last post by Squiggle Dog on January 07, 2021, 08:26:05 PM »
This is a pair of left and right rear taillight bulb holders removed from a 1961 Mercedes-Benz W110 190. They should fit all W110 fintail chassis, and are in decent condition for the age, but have not been tested. As I was cleaning them, two of the fiber washers that hold the fixture for the tiny bulbs came off, so they need to be somehow secured in place again.

These will not fit an early W111 220b with stepped taillights. I purchased them for my car and found out they wouldn't fit it.

$45 plus shipping from Arizona, USA to anywhere in the world.

Parts / Re: 1961 W110 190 In The Wrecking Yard
« Last post by Robin on January 03, 2021, 10:06:37 PM »
Internet shorthand, lol
Parts / Re: 1961 W110 190 In The Wrecking Yard
« Last post by Cth350 on January 03, 2021, 12:57:29 PM »
was wondering who "bill" was and why you typed him wrong. Then I realized, "Brother in Law". -CTH
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